Adelia Demachy

I spent my childhood between the "old continent" and the "new world", sometimes fascinated by tall buildings, paved streets with their sidewalks, entrance halls with their stairs or even their elevators, sometimes by houses colonial-style and colorful, the gospels of the Evangelists - disconcertingly cheerful; the expanse of sand - its turquoise horizon; the "tanks" we used to draw water from to shower my sister and I when we were little.

In this context, I gradually built a world of my own.

After a DEA in Information and Communication Science at the Sorbonne, and professional beginnings as an assistant press officer, I finally seized the opportunity to become an account manager in post-production in the television field, then a producer in advertising.

Following an accident in life – and a lot of questioning – drawing had a therapeutic virtue. That’s when I decided to change my path. I enrolled in the interior design course at the Boulle school to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to practice this profession. Freshly certified in 2018, I started working for a few firms, before starting my own studio in 2020.

I like to get out of the box. Transforming places that are a bit cold and austere, for example, into places that promote happiness, complicity, comfort and sharing, all in an eco-responsible and biosourced dimension.
Openness, decompartmentalization.

I like to mix the warmth of a Mediterranean style with colonial elegance, and spice it up with ethnic touches.

For me, interior design is not an end in itself. It is an extremely powerful way to create a setting that is vibrant, that expresses joy, conviviality, authenticity… life.

Whether it is for projects of apartments, houses, offices, stud farms or even stores, I study each project with the passion and especially the curiosity that drives me.

They trust us

Cécile P
Cécile P
Cecile P
“Adelia is full of energy and full of ideas to find the best possible option and offer the maximum choice. She has the confidence of her teams and does not stop until the result meets her expectations and those of her clients. I am very happy with my new kitchen and highly recommend the DID agency for the design and site monitoring. I would never have had the time or the skills to complete this project without Adelia!"
Maxime C.
Maxime C.
Maxime C
“Adélia is a young interior designer full of resources and creativity. Due to her past experiences and her great knowledge of the art world, she knows how to adapt perfectly to any type of place to draw the quintessence. Always attentive to the needs and desires of its customers, Adélia will bring a touch of elegance and contemporary style to your project that will make it unique. Constantly in search of excellence and with great attention to detail, it is with pleasure that I would collaborate with again."
Louis F.
Louis F.
Jean F.
“In addition to Adelia Demachy’s high standards and mastery, she has a very aesthetic approach to her job. This sensitivity comes to him from a great knowledge of art and objects which contributes to enrich his universe and to develop his look. She is always on the lookout for new artists and new emotions. Thus each site is unique with a touch of elegance specific to it."
Jeanne R
Jeanne R
Jean R
“With excellence and chic to combine space with all its imperatives that places and materials impose without exploding budgets. Adélia Demachy has ''deco'' in her blood and it shows since she was born into it. Today she sees further than tomorrow for each project, it's called SUSTAINABLE DECORATION up to date and the one after, the one also seems obvious for the interior that, eyes closed, we can entrust. Yesss she DID it!"